We Work for Our Customers


We are a small family owned business

Owned and operated by Cory & Andreia Schultz we offer carpet cleaning and general cleaning services to businesses and residential properties

General Cleaning

Andreia has been cleaning homes and businesses in the La Crosse area for 10 years. Because her clients can depend on her to get the job done right and trust her the cleaning business has grown steadily over the years. Many of her clients have been with her nearly the entire time.

Carpet Cleaning

Because of the success of the cleaning business Cory has added a carpet and upholstery cleaning service during the last year. Starting in July of 2017 he started working with Virgil Olson of Olson's Carpet Cleaning of La Crosse. Virgil is now semi retired but has over 40 years experience in the carpet cleaning business. Olson's Carpet Cleaning had a firm reputation of high quality work. Virgil was a carpet cleaner that was very particular about the carpets looking as good as they possibly could. Even if it required more time and effort spent with no extra cost to the customer. My aim is to be the carpet cleaner that will go the extra mile to make the home or business look great and extend the life of your carpet.